Thailand: Early Childhood Development (ECD)

31 December 2020|MHPSS, JRS Thailand

Activities on Children day 2020 by UEP, JRS Thailand.
Activities on Children day 2020 by UEP, JRS Thailand.

A special area of assistance currently being developed by JRS is the support for children with special learning and MHPSS needs. JRS coordinates with an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher who volunteered to provide specialized service on a per need basis. She is a specialist on play therapy with children. A girl who exhibited self-harm behaviour attended the ECD session. She is fidgety as she constantly moves her legs and could not settle in public transportations. She has no concept of safety and can run straight up the road if unattended. And she does not sleep well.

The ECD teacher gave the girl an exploratory play session wherein drawing was used as the main method of assisting relationship-building between her and the child. In this way, the child got to know her in a supportive, child-friendly and non-threatening manner. The girl was engaged in the activity and was keen on using clay paint and coloured pencils.

The child was also introduced to a breathing exercise. The child is currently a student at a certain school and her mother reported that she showed signs of improvement after the exercise with the ECD teacher.

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