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05 Mar, 2021

I am Sr. Helen Doi Ling, JRS Accompaniment Officer. when I conducted home visits, I heard many hardships faced by the IDPs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most concerns were about food, health, and parenting. Normally, it is difficult for women with small children to get a job here. Some women told me they want to learn new skills to make slippers. So, I arranged a training. Mary, 32, is a mother of 7 children said after the training “I am interested in knitting. I am very happy that I can do this while staying at home taking care of my kids. I will make them more and sell in the villages.”

03 Mar, 2021

Let’s imagine that JRS is a series of machines. Even if only one bolt is loose, it may cause a leak, which might damage or stop the engine. JRS works in the Country Office and the project fields are a series of things that support one another. We are not supposed to be discouraged, for the tasks we do will undoubtedly benefit and help, even though we do not everyday experience direct encounters.

23 Feb, 2021

Internship period: 3 months, 3 regular working days a week.

How to Apply
Send your CV and portfolio to
Women are encouraged to apply.

21 Feb, 2021

“I am very grateful for the cash aid, for six (6) months I cannot find any job,” Safiqul said. He stated that the COVID19 situation is really difficult because he has the responsibility to feed his children. He stated that JRS was very new to him but he planned to pay the house rent with this aid. He believes that the aid will help him to manage his financial struggles.

Photo by Arian Malek khosravi on Unsplash
21 Feb, 2021

He was very touched and brought to tears when he met a JRS staff who approached him as a friend. He would never forget it in his lifetime. He also stated that the aid provided really helped him because one of his children needed medical attention.

Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash
21 Feb, 2021

“I’ve never received any aid before, this is the first time an organization offered me aid,” Soyod said. This assistance meant so much to him. He could manage to cover some of his necessities with the given amount. He believes that the aid is a big help in this difficult time.

Photo by Ayoola Salako on Unsplash
11 Feb, 2021

In remembering the 40th anniversary of JRS, we will select inspiring personal stories from you to be featured in our anniversary videos. Submit your story today until 30 June 2021

29 Jan, 2021

I became believing in the deeper impact of “accompaniment” on someone in such a difficult time. What JRS’s accompaniment did not only help me through the hardships but also saved my life, healed, and transformed me into a better human being.

20 Jan, 2021

These years of service, accompaniment, and advocacy with JRS, with our JRS-MHS Team in particular, among our refugee brothers and sisters in Ban Mai Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin have been an enriching experience that helped me grow as a person and as an Hija de Jesus.