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04 Feb, 2023

“We have suffered enough as a people, let all guns fall silent, let us reach out to all, as brothers and sisters and start the sacred pilgrimage of peace – united as a nation and as a people.”  

14 Nov, 2022

Even the small light matters. From day to day, the flame will become bigger

26 Aug, 2022

My dream is to continue my studies. I don’t want to resettle in a third country. I wish that my country was peaceful. I want to return and be a teacher for the rest of my life. I want to help in the development of our country and our people.

26 Aug, 2022

When JRS accepted my request. I feel like I’m the happiest person on earth. […] I suggested myself that tomorrow will be better. I believe in God that’s why I never let myself down.

04 Mar, 2022

JRS is pleased to announce the participation in “Caring for Communities and Creation”, a JCAP flagship project. We “commit ourselves to the urgent call of poverty and reconciliation with creation in Asia Pacific” in collaboration with others especially the youth and sharing our gift of Ignatian spirituality.

01 Feb, 2022

STATEMENT: On the one-year anniversary of a military coup that overthrew Myanmar’s elected civilian government, JRS and SJES call for concrete action. The international community must join forces with those seeking a resolution to the crisis. The time for action is now!

31 Jan, 2022

Ayesha is rising stronger. She decided to take a bold step and chase her academic path. Now she’s pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations at Thammasat University. Ayesha is the first student who achieves a scholarship in higher education from JRS Thailand.

24 Jan, 2022

“The JRS story is about the lives and hopes of people we know personally, whose faces you see in this exhibition. This personal knowledge constantly transforms our understanding. JRS opens a door — beyond transitory and shocking images — into the inspiring lives of people struggling to defend their rights, protect their families and give their children a future.”