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15 Apr, 2021

To mark the 40th anniversary of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), our partner communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand are growing 40,000 trees to strengthen their social and ecological systems. Donating $1 USD will assure the growth of 1 native tree.

14 Apr, 2021

For me, these children are like the lost sheep that the Lord looked out for in the Bible. They need guidance, care, love, and most importantly education for them to survive in this world” she said.

09 Apr, 2021

We light our candles for the spirit of those who have died for peace and justice in Myanmar. We lift our prayers for peace to prevail and conversion of hearts.

28 Mar, 2021

Today, I think my life has come to a very stable place. It is the highest point of happiness and satisfaction. From a life that seems walking towards the dead-end to a life that was fulfilled. During the 14 years working with JRS, I think this is the best.

28 Mar, 2021

It felt like I was a seed in a deep hole, unable to breathe, though still alive, I was not strong enough to grow up. The opportunities that JRS gave me are like the rain, I felt refreshed. The rain helped the seed to flourish and emerge from the ground. I finally grew up to be a perennial tree that can bear fruits today.

28 Mar, 2021

My job has offered me the opportunity to help people. It is also a voice for those who are disadvantaged. It is a feeling that we can help people who do not have the opportunity and I am proud of my job.

05 Mar, 2021

Normally, it is difficult for women with small children to get a job here. Some women told me they want to learn new skills to make slippers. So, I arranged a training. Mary, 32, is a mother of 7 children said after the training “I am interested in knitting. I am very happy that I can do this while staying at home taking care of my kids. I will make them more and sell in the villages.”

03 Mar, 2021

Let’s imagine that JRS is a series of machines. Even if only one bolt is loose, it may cause a leak, which might damage or stop the engine. JRS works in the Country Office and the project fields are a series of things that support one another. We are not supposed to be discouraged, for the tasks we do will undoubtedly benefit and help, even though we do not everyday experience direct encounters.

23 Feb, 2021

Internship period: 3 months, 3 regular working days a week.

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