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23 Nov, 2020

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is one of the reasons people flee their home country. Gender-based violence can also occur during and after conflicts which includes sexual, physical, mental and economic harm inflicted in public or in private. It has been observed that the humanitarian crisis often exacerbates sexual violence.

23 Nov, 2020

All JRS staffs in Myitkyina and TTC participants with our great partner, Diocesan Commission for Education Myitkyina (DCE-Myitkyina) planted 40 trees together to mark 40th anniversary in TTC compound.

16 Nov, 2020

This flower-photo was taken when I went to monitor and support the schools and teachers in conflict affected areas in Kachin State. Each flower, though small and wild, is beautiful…it will bloom in its favorable environment.

15 Nov, 2020

Refugees who have exiled from their home countries think that host communities presume that they are strangers or foreigners. Refugees will feel alienated or lonely in their new place or community. Usually, people who face problems need friends with whom they share a deep level of understanding. So, accompaniment is essential. I will be there for refugees and listen to them.

10 Nov, 2020

I kept staring at his face as he held a bottle of beer for himself and handed me a bottle of soft drink. With a smile that adorned the corner of his lips, he said, “I know you shouldn’t drink beer, that’s why I gave you only a fizzy drink. Hopefully, our chat will be more fun tonight”, said a friend of mine that night.

01 Nov, 2020

I learned how to build trust slowly from a simple honest and genuine greetings during the home visit. I didn’t feel like I was alone during difficult times because I know I had a wonderful team who will always support me and be the source of my strength.

30 Oct, 2020

Based on the assessment done through the community leaders, the needed items comprise food packs, hygiene kits, and personal protective equipment (PPE). JRS has taken all these concerns into consideration and plans to provide them the basic materials for their protection in order to prevent them from becoming more vulnerable to pandemic and further into poverty.

21 Oct, 2020

In the spirit of teacher’s day, I would like to express my gratitude to JRS-Urban Education Project for offering me such a good opportunity to work as a teacher, and to all my students for their kind and sincere feelings towards me and the truly amazing times they have brought to me.

20 Oct, 2020

“On this World Teachers’ Day, I’d like to virtually meet teachers around the world to show them that we are here in a different world. We want them to hear us, recognize our work, and our students, to boost our motivation that we are not left out here.” A headteacher told us after being asked what he would like to say on World Teachers’ Day this year.