Thailand: JRS meets director of Mine Action Centre

03 July 2010|Sermsiri Ingavanija

JRS Asia Pacific Ban Landmine campaigners meet with the director of the Thailand Mine Action Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. (Photo by Wasin Chancham)

Our group comprised of Fr.Bernard, Khun Emilie Ketudat and Sermsiri (Chompoo) Ingavanija. We introduced ourselves to the director and his staff and shared with them the history of the Ban Landmine Campaign in Thailand.

We also assured him that JRS would like to work closely with the Royal Thai Government and the TMAC and explore how we can support the Government to fulfil the Convention requirements, in particular, providing assistance to victims of land mines.

JRS also offered to share its years of knowledge and expertise by providing capacity building in the areas of mine risk education and victim assistance for TMAC staff.

JRS looks forward to further collaboration with the TMAC.

Sermsiri Ingavanija, Coordinator Ban Landmine and Cluster Bombs Campaign

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