40th Anniversary: I am proud of my job

28 March 2021|Preecha Preechayawichaikul, Driver, JRS Thailand in Mae Hong Son

When I started joining JRS, my life has changed a lot. JRS did not only offer me a job, but also different life experience. I met people of different nationalities, languages and races, but everyone is equal. Since I worked with JRS, I have changed my perception a lot towards others, and JRS also improved my life. Though I am getting older, I am still very happy working here even sometimes very tired.

JRS has made a huge difference in my life because it offers unique experiences. I always have fun and gain knowledge using English language. The most special thing would be the friendship offered by colleagues and refugees. I feel that it’s not just only working, but rather the care and encouragement when I encountered difficulties in life.

For me, the words “accompany, serve, and advocate” are meaningful and important as they represent my work. My job has offered me the opportunity to help people. It is also a voice for those who are disadvantaged. It is a feeling that we can help people who do not have the opportunity and I am proud of my job.

– ‘Accompany’ is being beside the disadvantaged, not neglecting them.
– ‘Serve’ is offering assistance willingly and sincerely.
– ‘Advocate’ is providing encouragement and psychosocial support.

I will keep my ideology with JRS alive as long as possible. Thank you JRS for all the good opportunities it offers.

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