Philippines: Two IDP youth associations were established

01 April 2020

Philippines, 19 June 2020 – To promote peace among returned IDPs and IDPs of barangays of origin Guimba and Datu Saber in Marawi City, JRS Philippines see the important role of youth empowerment in order to promote resilience and reconciliation in Marawi city.

With the support of JRS, two youth organizations were established in communities; the Hope of Guimbanians Youth Association (HOGYA) with 100 members (52F, 48M) in Barangay Guimba, and the Saberian United Youth Movement Association (SUYMA) with 21 members (11F, 10M) in Barangay Datu Saber.

JRS has formed trust as a foundation of its meaningful engagement among youths and their families in peace-building activities, such as organizational development and leadership trainings, including computer skills. All 121 youths are active and their parents support their participation in all activities. JRS hopes that the youths will become the agents of change and bring intercultural and interreligious harmony to their communities.


Youths agreed with the following characteristics: (1) Flexible; (2) Goal-oriented; (3) System thinker; (4) Culture, religious and Gender-sensitive; (5) Conflict-sensitive/Peace-lover; (6) Focus-oriented; (7) Knowledgeable; (8) Nature-lover.

Vision: Promote peace, unity, and preserve the Maranao culture.


  • Unite to implement policies and rules for sustainable development.
  • Unite to implement activities in peace, intercultural and inter-religious activities Unite to preserve the Maranao culture in preservation in all aspect.
  • Unite to implement a communal livelihood program.


  • To become empowered youths.
  • To become a good leader.
  • To become a good role model to other youth communities.
  • To become a peacebuilder.
  • To help promote peace in the community.
  • To help promote and preserve the Maranao culture.
  • To have a communal source of income.

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