JRSAP participates in “Caring for Communities and Creation”, a JCAP flagship project

04 March 2022

Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific (JRSAP) is pleased to announce its participation in “Caring for Communities and Creation”, a Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) flagship project. We “commit ourselves to the urgent call of poverty and reconciliation with creation in Asia Pacific” in collaboration with others especially the youth and sharing our gift of Ignatian spirituality.

Towards making this commitment a concrete reality, the JCAP Major Superiors Assembly approved the “Caring for Communities and Creation” flagship project last Jan 2022. This project calls for each province and region to step up its involvement with ecology and the poor through a three-pronged approach:

(1) Transitioning to Cleaner Energy

(2) Youth Leading the Future, and

(3) Strengthening Local Communities.

To facilitate this, relevant expertise in JCAP will be pooled together for the benefit of each unit, and networks will be developed to share experiences, facilitate mutual learning, and explore concrete collaborations. Where appropriate, each province and region can build on what it is already doing in any of the above three areas. Whilst remaining relevant to its local context, ways to further step up or fine-tune its efforts can be discerned. Additionally, new initiatives can be started in response to emerging needs.


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