JRS Asia Pacific launches an online exhibition celebrating 40th anniversary

25 November 2021

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In celebration of its milestone 40th anniversary, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Asia Pacific, together with Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom), launch a commemorative website dedicated to its history of outstanding service and solidarity, as well as eye-opening personal stories of refugees.

Entitled “40 Years of Accompaniment”, it features a detailed timeline of events, visitors of the website can retrace JRS’s humble beginnings, dating back to the late Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ’s call to over 50 Jesuit provinces to respond to the plight of Vietnam war refugees and coordinate a global humanitarian response.

Meanwhile, the refugee rights exhibit “My Home: Displacement, Diaspora, and Desire”, highlights the poems, drawings, and other treasured belongings from refugees, that hold them close to home and transform their sense of identity and belonging. Moreover, the said exhibit allows viewers to witness the refugees’ journeys from their place of origin, towards resettlement, through their own lens.

Visit the 40 Years of Accompanying Refugees commemorative online exhibition at jrsjcap40years.org

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