Indonesia: A story from Bogor

26 August 2022|A refugee from Somalia

Photo by Fardin Khan on Unsplash

Before JRS supported me, it was a nightmare. No place, no food. I often had one meal a day and slept in the mosque because that was the only thing I could afford. Sometimes my friends helped me with food and let me sleep in their rented house. I was also sick at that time. I had a headache. My feeling was very bad.

When JRS accepted my request. I feel like I’m the happiest person on earth.

Sometimes I also feel want to kill myself. It seems at that time that the whole world was against me. 

But now I can’t imagine that condition anymore. Now I have a place. My health is better. Since I got JRS Help, today’s situation is better. I am happy now. I can afford better meals. I have a roommate also, and I can save some money and get better food. It is a big difference. Before, I can’t do anything. Now I can live better. In the past, no one wanted to meet me, everyone ran away from me. But now, I have many friends. I will say that 90% of my life is getting better. Sometimes, I still feel pain because of post-surgery. But when I call JRS. They were ready to help me to the hospital.

My life is getting better. I’m not stressed anymore. When JRS accepted my request. I feel like I’m the happiest person on earth. Before I got assistance from JRS, I was fighting stress. At that time when I wanted to end my life, I was going back to my mentality. I suggested myself that tomorrow will be better. I believe in God that’s why I never let myself down.


This story was published in the 2021 Annual Report, JRS Asia Pacific

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