Australia: Why we are here – one detainee’s poem

16 June 2011|Dunia, detainee at one of Australia's Immigration Detention Centres


Sydney, 16 June 2011 – Dunia loves to write. Dunia in Arabic and Indonesia means “World”.

When asked whether he is still writing in detention, and this was his reply:

A little bit
I want to write a lot
But something does not let me to write
And that is my family and their lives
Especially now a days I want to write
About the tragedy
And difficulties of asylum seekers on their way to Australia
The world needs to know we are not here for a party
We are not here for celebrations
We are not here for any fun
We came here just because of fighting
We do not like war
Many immigration officials think that we came here for food and for fun
It is totally wrong
Pray for me that I do it
I can complete this

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