Diakonia – March 2021 (40th Anniversary of JRS)

11 March 2021|JRS newsletters

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Forty years of facing change through compassion

“JRS at 40 years certainly does not claim knowledge of the future but we have welcomed changes and remain committed to our core mission to accompany, serve and advocate the cause of forcibly displaced persons. In Asia Pacific, this meant, in the last decade, reaching out to more countries while strengthening local governance; weaning out projects to partners and serving communities in new frontiers. We are now serving the forcibly displaced in eight countries.

As we read the testimony of refugees and staff in this issue, we recognize the human and spiritual sources of this compassion. It comes from the support we receive from those around and among us and from the Supreme Compassion that emanates from beyond our own capabilities to muster in the face of heartbreaking human suffering. We are grateful for this grace.”

– Louie Bacomo, JRS Asia Pacific Director

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