Diakonia – December 2021

22 December 2021|JRS newsletters

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JRS at 40: the mission to accompany continues

Accompaniment is the foundational charism of JRS—to be with, as a companion of refugees—that deepens our service and advocacy. It is fitting to publish our final issue of 2021 on refugee accompaniment to mark the close of our 40th anniversary commemoration.

After 40 years, JRS has not “put itself out of work” and in fact is now present in 56 countries worldwide. We bow our heads in gratitude to Fr. Pedro Arrupe whose vision roots us to what is essential, to all the teams whose personalities and cultures enriched us, and to all partners and donors whose support and belief in what we do buoyed us through many crises. During these past many years, we have realized that our service will never satisfy the multiple needs of an ever-increasing refugee population; our advocacy will not fully address the complex drivers of forced displacement; but in all these, our mission to be with refugees as companions will always be a source of joy, hope and faith as we face a shared future walking with refugees in the years ahead.

– Louie Bacomo, JRS Asia Pacific Director

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