Diakonia – April 2022

25 May 2022|JRS newsletters

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We welcome 2022 with gratitude and hope despite many obstacles—the violence in Myanmar has not abetted but, in fact, worsened as the country marks the first year of the military junta, the surges of coronavirus infection ravaging the region, and the underachievement of COP 26 in Glasgow. This gratitude and hope is reflected in our current issue of Diakonia where we appreciate the good, persevering work around us such as the leadership of indigenous youth in caring for communities and creation, the commitment of Jesuit apostolic communities towards integral conversion, the opening of new pathways for refugees to find durable solutions, the global advocacy to address inequalities and vulnerabilities arising from the pandemic, conflict and climate displacement.


We invite all of you to continue journeying with us in our mission with the forcibly displaced people. May you be blessed in all that you do this year.


Louie Bacomo

Director, Asia Pacific

23 May 2022

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